Friday, February 11, 2011

Some of the infection risks in the Internet

In ICQ advertising banners can be displayed, the fraudulent anti-virus programs to market so-called scare ware. The online criminals operate a website as alleged extra clothing shop in order to camouflage themselves .

After Kaspersky Lab has informed the advertising service provider, the nightmare is now over. The case, however, shows that online criminals are not tired to think up new tricks to secure their profits with scare ware!

A Trojan horse lures his victims with a Power Point show, which shows different positions of the Kama Sutra But in the background, during which the infected computer and classified in a bot net.

Seemingly harmless Search Words increase the risk of viruses on the Internet extremely. Who in his online research, for example, a "free" before the keyword "ringtone" take, has a 300 percent higher chance of dangerous and malicious websites to get

Here I have the top 20 malicious programs on the Internet for you:


Anonymous said...

Wow, tahnks for this Informations...
Now I´m cautious!

Anon said...

if someone is dumb enough to infect semselves with an "IM virus", they totally earned it. in the today world, everyone who has contact to the internet (and his services) should know how to stay safe.

BobyderBob said...

Yeah that is correct but there are enough people who don't know it

Anonymous said...

Would be cool to see a PowerPoint of the Kama Sutra. Sucks it's a virus.

BobyderBob said...


anoodle said...

It lures with a slide show? I can't imagine that's very effective.