Thursday, February 10, 2011

The best Apps for iPhone


Useful App for appointments and tasks to keep under control.
Here are some points that speak for this:

  • simple menu
  • great Design
  • Insert from: direct recording, memo's, sketches and contact informations
  • integrated mail service for important tasks and dates to share with friends.
  • extensive alarm settings

This app is like a Swiss Army knife, it includes 21 individual Apps
such as
: a ruler, a date calculator, a battery and a browser on which one has access to...
Google Books, the game Collapse and Apple's Web apps. The advantage of course is that this app manages multiple tasks and save. For many of these functions, there are individual applications that will work in their areas considerably better.

Find my iPhone

Since the last update does the location of a lost iPhone and MobileMe for free without a membership. The app "Find My iPhone" enables the location of a iPhone 4, or iPad iPod Nano (4th generation), any of each IOS devices with version 4.2.
The free tracking service is for the iPhone 4, iPad and iPod Touch 4th Generation reserved. For all other devices, the localization is still charged (MobileMe). The localization of a computer is still only possible via MobileMe.
Look at this Viedeo, it is well explained:


Raw said...

Cool apps, I don't have an iPhone though :(

Anonymous said...

Nice post. Would be great if you did one for Android too.

BobyderBob said...

Yeah coming soon ;)

Mdmjunior said...

hell yea