Saturday, February 12, 2011

And here Some Android Apps ;)


Astrid is a  free software for task management with many additional features. So you can categorize tasks according to importance (1 - 4), tagging tags, or synchronize the tasks with "Remember the Milk". If desired, Astrid is also reminiscent of recurring appointments...
You can specify time limits and priorities, distinguishing between absolute and objective terms. And do even time management for a job with Astrid. Using filters, you can search for particular tasks or sort similar tasks. An appointment is due, Astrid remembers friendly but that.

OS Monitor

Often you know when the downloaded apps do not really know what they are doing everything properly so, apart from that what they should do. Who are precisely interested in what goes on in the background of an app all the data they reveal and how much memory it needs for the OS is monitor the correct application.

The App OS Monitor has five menu items: Processes, Network, Connect, Misc and messages. The first point processes shows an overview of all processes that can be for memory or CPU consumption sort in ascending or descending. Clicking on an item, processes can stop, or more accurately observe what goes on in a process in the background.

Under Network you will find all network devices such as WLAN, Bluetooth, etc. including the required information available. The third menu item Connect shows all current connections and the associated application. Using this feature you can see where the data is sent from the respective app.


More Apps coming soon!


Anon said...

i know astrid and im using it every day. its a very good application for your android device.

Stuff that matters, stuff that don't said...

Ooh, I haver an Android phone so I'll check out Astrid.

Jazz bazooka said...

nice... also your page is nice so i'm fallowing you

Anonymous said...

Cool, thanks for the tip.