Tuesday, February 15, 2011

the top 5 addons for Firefox 4

5: ImTranslator

With the ImTranslator you hit a flash foreign words directly to the browser.
So not understood include websites of the past.

4: Easy YouTube Video Downloader

"Easy YouTube Video Downloader allows you to drag clips to YouTube with just one click on your hard drive and play. In this case, the name and "just" an operating maxim

 3: Noscript

With the add-on allows you to block malicious scripts. This not only high security, but can - correctly configured - remove unwanted elements from pages.

2: Video DownloadHelper

This video on YouTube and Co. can be easily downloaded and available in various resolutions.

1: Adblock Plus

The extension removes the annoying pop-ups and advertisements from a website. It makes surfing the web much more enjoyable.


Anonymous said...

Loving the translator one.

Jazz bazooka said...

i love the 4th one

D.B. said...

wow great post, tks for the tips

BobyderBob said...

no Problem ;)