Friday, February 18, 2011

Mozilla still loses a known developer

He was heavily involved in the implementation of the graphics engine in Firefox.
And involved in the development of the WebGl and 3D standardization. 

He joins the company Dug software, as the lead developer of Firefox (Mike Beltzner). In his free time he wants to continue to work on Firefox. 

I hope Firefox is still the best browser that I know.


Jôo said...

Ihope so... but id rather prefer chrime

D.B. said...

firefox rox!

post "ff rox" if ure viewing this blog on firefox

Rylai said...

i agree, hope firefox is still good

Anon said...

"ff rox" ;)
chrome is also on of the big player in this bizz. running them both at the moment.

btw: why do you turned on captchas? so annoying :(

fabio_2007 said...

I also like chrome very much.